The Capri Theater will be opening on Friday, May 22nd. Showing through May 28th

Downstairs: Trolls World Tour PG 1 hr 30 min
Upstairs: I Still Believe PG 1 hr 56 min

In 1982 Stephen Spielberg made the most amazing movie and we want to show you on the big screen, once again. Who wouldn't want to watch ET: the Extra-Terrestrial? Because we are excited to bring back some older movies and mostly because we adore our customers, we are going to show our movies for free Friday, May 29th - Thursday, June 4th. Yes, you read it correctly ... FREE. You still need to stop by the box office as we need a head count. We will only sell half our capacity. We ask that you still honor our restrictions and leave a seat or two between groups. Come early so we can make sure everyone gets concessions!  
Downstairs: ET 
Upstairs: Secret Life of Pets
Showings will be 2:00 , 4:00 , and 7:00pm daily.

We do plan to have matinees this week. We will see how it goes and decide if we will continue it.
Showtimes are 2:00, 4:15 pm and 7 pm daily. We have COVID Neutralizer Spray that we will used between every show and will be taking additional precautions to ensure everyones safety. We are honoring the Tennessee Promise!
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